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Capital Fabrication, LLC. is a fully equipped custom metal fabrication shop. Started in the mid 1990's as a custom sheet metal shop, the company has matured and evolved to accommodate new diversified markets and customers. Its owners believe in investing back in the company in the form of new modernized equipment and constant employee training. 

We specialize in

Stainless steel structural shapes and weldments

Stainless steel pipe fitting and welding

Carbon steel weldments up to 1" thick material

Carbon steel pipe weldments 1/2" through 30"

Structural bridges and trusses

Sheet metal ducting and piping for pneumatic conveying

Cotton gin piping and transitions

Paper and Pulp Industry fabrications

Water and Wastewater plant equipment

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Capital Fabrication

4645 Priem Lane, Hutto, Texas 78634, United States

(512) 990-9992


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08:00 am – 03:00 pm